Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños (soundtrack)

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Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños Soundtrack album by Babasónicos Released 15 April 2007 Recorded 2003 Genre Rock Length 19:58 Label Universal Music Babasónicos chronology Mezclas Infame (2005) Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños (2007) Mucho (2008) Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños is the original soundtrack from Vera Fogwill's movie Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños (entitled Kept and Dreamless for international audiences), released in 2007. It was composed in its enterity by the Argentine band Babasónicos in the year 2003, but its release was delayed until the presentation of the movie in Argentina, which finally premiered in April 2007. "Las Mantenidas", "Mantel Bucólico" and "Rápido y Juntos" are the only songs with vocals; the rest are either short instrumentals or variations on one of these songs, with the exception of "Las Fantasmas", an instrumental track mixed with dialogue from the movie. Track list[edit] "Insomnio" (Insomnia) – 1:49 "Las Mantenidas" (The Kept) – 2:47 "Mantel Bucólico – Piano" (Bucolic Table Cloth – Piano) – 1:44 "Llegar a Nada" (Arrive to Nothing) – 0:40 "Chau Puerta" (Bye Door) – 0:39 "Mantel Bucólico" (Bucolic Table Cloth) – 3:08 "Azúcar" (Sugar) – 0:34 "Las Mantenidas – Piden Pista" (The Kept – Preparing for Takeoff) – 1:59 "Las Fantasmas" (The Phantoms) – 3:06 "Mantel Bucólico – Versión Flora" (Bucolic Table Cloth – Flora Version) – 1:20 "Rápido y Juntos" (Quickly and Together) – 2:12 v t e Babasónicos Official albums Pasto Trance Zomba Dopádromo Babasónica Miami Jessico Infame Anoche Mucho A Propósito Romantisísmico B-side albums Vórtice Marxista Vedette Groncho Mucho + Remix albums Babasónica Electrónica Jessico Megamix Jessico Dance Mix Mezclas Infame Soundtracks Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños Live albums Luces Desde Adentro - Impuesto de Fe Other Deléctrico 제목없음


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